The Basement Demos

by Good People

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these are demos, they sound kind of bad


released May 27, 2011

Guitar/Vocals - John Molfetas
Bass - Matt Amandola
Drums - Nick Filippi
Sax - Evan Miller
Trumpet - Yanni Stefanidis
No Trombone - Ben Martines

Artwork by Michael Molfetas


tags: rock ska


all rights reserved


Good People

benjamin martines is not in that picture but that does not mean that we do not like the way he looks in photos

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Track Name: Better Off
Better Off

I ran barefoot down the street, broken bottles at my feet, weaving in and out the blocks
Breathing fast, turn the corner, see the house, run inside, head upstairs, lay my head down for a rest

At my best, I can't compare
You two would make a better pair
Same old body, same old hair
Same obnoxious awkward stare
What I'm lacking in my looks, I can't make up for anywhere

I will go on living, don't expect me to be forgiving 'cause you're the one missing out
I will come out strong, not any longer will you mean anything to me

Dead broke, I'm a bum, too dumb to become anything that means anything to anyone
Dead beat, head down, defeat, all alone with nothing or no one to call my own
Track Name: AOK
Often I wonder when I'm tossing in bed
What these thoughts mean running around in my head
Well, it seems everything is going fine
and you're always on my mind

It's getting hard to find any reason to complain
You and I, we are two separate of the same
Each and every day, I feel that I am blessed,
to possess all that I want and forget about the rest

Everyday you say, everything is AOK
But today I'd say that things are perfect in every way
You may think that I'm crazy and have a loose screw or two
but I feel that I have fallen in love with you
Track Name: New Persona
I'm taking on a new persona for everyone to see and wonder who I have become
No more late nights, parking lot fights, or moments where you can't hear what I said because I mumbler far too often
I will follow my routines and what my peers will ask of me and every time I don't agree, I will shut my mouth and turn up the TV

From now on, I'll try to be sociable at parties and walk around asking who's heard the newest track by Kanye
and they'll accept me, faster than 1, 2, 3
Then I'll get with my best friend's girlfriend just to say I did

But I know it will never last, I'm treading water
A cynic and a pessimist, afraid to say I'm not over this
Only time can tell if I will change, but I can tell you now
That I'm gonna' stay the same no matter what

I don't want to be like you, just face it, you're a disgrace and a racist
You can't take my problems seriously, and frankly, I can't take it
If there's one thing that I do know, you won't be so cool for long
Soon enough we'll all get sick of you and your sappy, crappy songs

But for now, I'll keep ignoring you and hanging with my friends
because I know my life isn't as bad as it seems
Track Name: Bromigos
Summer bike races, well kept secret places
The feeling I get when I see friendly faces
We are always on adventure
and we can always be found together

It's something I can't see, it's something that frightens me
It's something that I can't believe
I'm fighting with myself to find a reason for an hour spent on wasted time

My friends are indispensable to say the least
Close ties and allied, facing enemy lines
We don't know anything, we know everything, we are confused
They make up all the things that I love the most