Good People

by Good People

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Deep in the caves of Southern Afghanistan, man gave birth to one Benjamin Martines. Raised by wolves, he traveled across Asia, through Europe, and swam across the Atlantic Ocean on the back of a dolphin to Long Island. Along the way, he mated with a sea turtle thus birthing a type of music which was influenced by aquatic-love-making sounds, seagull excrement, and salt water. Benjamin then took his wonderful creation and brought it to many areas across the island. Little did he know, his creation for which he was once criticized, became a phenomenon known as "Good People".

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released July 15, 2012

Trombone - Ben Martines
Tenor Sax - Evan Miller
Trumpet - Yanni Stefanidis
Bass - Matt Amandola
Guitar/Vocals - John Molfetas
Drums - Nick Filippi

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered - John Molfetas

Photography - Jessica Bikales
Album Art - Michael Molfetas



all rights reserved


Good People

benjamin martines is not in that picture but that does not mean that we do not like the way he looks in photos

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Track Name: AOK
Often I wonder when I'm tossing in bed
What these thoughts meaning running 'round in my head
Well it seems everything is going fine
and you're always on my mind

It's getting hard to find any reason to complain
You and I, we are two separate of the same
Each and everyday I feel that I am blessed
to possess all that I want and forget about the rest

Everyday you say everything is AOK
but today I'd say things are perfect in every way
You may think that I'm crazy, have a loose screw or two
but I feel that I have fallen in love with you
Track Name: Bromigos
Summer bike races, well-kept secret places
The feeling I get when I see friendly faces
We are always on adventure
and we can always be found together

It's something I can't see
It's something that frightens me
It's something that I can't believe
I'm fighting with myself to find a reason for an hour spent on wasted time

My friends are indispensable to say the least
Close ties and allied facing enemy lines
We don't anything, we know everything, we are confused
They make up all the things that I love the most
Track Name: Happy Birthday Cake
This line is so long, it hurts my head to think where the front is
I'm counting out loud 'til I decide that I'm done with this
These people all say, the wait is worth it, what you give is what you get
But maybe I'm bored of trying to impress all these hypocrites
The feeling won't stay, after it's gone there can be only one way
to make it come back and that's the thing that I never want to say
I'm feeling weak, I'm feeling great, this song makes my stomach shake
and I wouldn't have it any other way, I wish I could hear you say

Something in me tells me that we're gonna' stay
Lately we've been thinking about running away

I've been overwhelmed by all the things that I know I have to do
But maybe I'll change, maybe I'll get used to this
It's all the stress that surrounds me and the dirty air in the city
The people that stare all around me, it's like they've never seen someone happy
I'm chasing this feeling that I know I can never have
If I stay in this town for much longer, I know that will lead to forever
I'm feeling weak, I'm feeling great, this song makes my stomach shake
and I wouldn't have it any other way, I wish I could hear you say
Track Name: Better Off
I ran barefoot down the street, broken bottles at my feet, weaving in and out the blocks
Breathing fast, turn the corner, see the house, run inside, head upstairs, lay my head down for a rest

At my best I can't compare
You two would make a better pair
Same old body, same old hair
Same obnoxious, awkward stare
What I'm lacking in my looks, I can't make up for anywhere

I will go on living
Don't expect me to be forgiving 'cause you're the one missing out
I will come out stronger
Not any longer will you mean anything to me

Dead broke, I'm a bum too dumb to become anything that means anything to anyone
Dead beat, head down, defeat, all alone with nothing or no one to call my own
Track Name: Scooby Glue
Something you don't realize
I can see it in your eyes
There's someone that you can't let go
Forever by your side
When I'm sitting home
I'm thinking where to turn
I contemplate the reasons why I will forever be alone
It's just a person with problems just like you and I
Soon the weight will shift and cause a break and I will slowly want to die

Like glue, you keep on holding us together
and anytime I'm feeling weak you come and I remember
It's true, I can't believe how I depend on you
and when I go through any trouble I turn and look to you
You're my glue

There are days when I get nervous
It's hard to admit
I'm feeling overwhelmed
and I'm getting sick of it
It might come as news
but it's hard to choose
where to look when times are tough
and I'm falling into grooves
It's just a person with problems just like you and I
Soon the weight will shift and cause a break and I will slowly want to die

I depend on you when it comes to any problem that I can't solve
but you're not willing to be my glue
Track Name: New Persona
I'm taking on a new persona for everyone to see and wonder who I have become

No more late nights, parking lot fights, or moments where you can't hear what I said because I mumble far too often
I will follow my routines and what my peers will ask of me
and every time I don't agree, I will shut my mouth and turn up the TV
From now on, I'll try to be sociable at parties and walk around asking who's heard the newest track by Kanye
and they'll accept me faster than 1, 2, 3
and then I'll get with my best friend's girlfriend just to say I did

but I know it will never last
I'm treading water
A cynic and a pessimist, afraid to say I'm not over this
and only time can tell if I will change but I can tell you now
that I'm gonna' stay the same no matter what

I don't want to be like you, just face it
You're a disgrace and a racist
You can't take my problems seriously and frankly, I can't take it
If there's one thing that I do know: you won't be so cool for long
Soon enough we'll all get sick of you and your sappy, crappy songs

But for now, I'll keep ignoring you and hanging with my friends
Because I know my life isn't bad as it seems
Track Name: Double Dragon Garden
I'm finding out
I don't even know who I am
I could stare out of my window, across the street and into yours
and the feeling that arose would be something indescribable

I think that I might know my neighbors
and I'm pretty sure that they might know me too
But the basis of my knowledge is totally flawed
and I could guarantee that theirs is too

and I have no plans for retirement
but I pretty much know what I'll do with my life after my bones grow
Nothing I could feel would resonate more than the moment that you told me to ignore them when they tell me "no"

I'm finding out
what I really like to talk about
Sitting in circles with my friends, discussing where we want to be
What we need and everything we see

In the air I can feel you looking over me
I see you in a photograph and envy you subconsciously
but then I reflect and realize that my life
gives me no reason to ever be upset

I'll take what I can before the rain comes
I'll face the consequences while there are none
Forgetting who I am is what makes life fun
Unaware of all the changes that I know will come